Alternatives to Triathlon Training Options due to Covid-19

Alternative triathlon training options due to Covid-19

Triathlon training in difficult times like the one we live in because of Covid-19, is making several triathletes look for alternatives to live with this pandemic. Unlike other sports, triathlon requires a lot of space, as well as different environments to practice it, such as: swimming pools, beaches, gym, roads and race tracks. And all of that had to be closed due to social isolation. However, difficult times build strong people. And for those of you who want to be an Ironman, you should know that in our sport, Plan A will always undergo changes offering challenges along the way. And endurance athletes are the best at adapting to these difficulties and creating alternatives to achieve their goal. Therefore, I will show you, how we can continue to maintain our conditioning to overcome this period.

Restart your goals

If you signed up for a competition for the next few months, it was probably postponed or be at risk of this. And that is definitely not in your control. So let’s focus on what’s really in our reach. This means, having to redo your training plan based on the new date scheduled for your competition. And even though we don’t know the right time when Covid-19 will be present in our lives, the race organizers are probably being reasonable enough to give you the time you need to be ready by then. 

For this case, you who already have our training plans, can contact us directly, that our coach will redo your planning with the new date.

Now, if you don’t have a training plan yet, we are making available through the Trainingpeaks® platform, plans for the Ironman®70.3® and 140.6® competitions completely redesigned for the execution according to the situation arising from Covid-19.

These changes regarding training plans will be explained below.

Training Alternatives duo Covid-19

As Fred Mercury would say: “Show must go on”. So, as we said earlier, if there is a person better prepared to adapt to extreme conditions, this is the long distance race triathlete. Therefore, we will show here what options we offer in our training, as alternatives for your preparation due  Covid-19 pandemic.

Swimming training adapted to Covid-19

This discipline was certainly the most affected. This is because of the closure of the pools and club and the prohibition on going to beaches so that you can swim in open water.

With that in mind, we have created a series of Crosstraining exercises directly adapted to the conditions of most athletes. That’s because, generally, every triathlete has in his house some essential equipment to stay active, for example:

Cycling training adapted to Covid-19

Here we have the discipline best prepared for this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because technology has always been one step ahead when it comes to cycling. Vitual platforms have already gone viral among triathletes and more and more people are looking to do their training indoor. Therefore, in this category we have also taken a giant step in terms of training plans. Precisely because all of our training sessions were created in a structured way. Thus allowing training sessions to be shared and executed on these existing platforms such as: Zwift and Bkool.


Running training adapted to Covid-19

Running, as well as cycling, still has alternatives to be done outdoors, depending, of course, on the place where you live, as well as the laws and decrees published allowing or not these outdoor activities.

Anyway, technology is also present in these hours. The Training peaks platform allows you to transfer our training directly to your smart watch. And, given that our training sessions are created based on time and not distance, interval training can be easily transferred to home treadmills. And if you do not have access to this equipment, we have a series of crosstraining exercises specific to this musculature.

#Stay Active

The greater the difficulty, the more rewarding the reward for having managed to face this virus. So, even if the recommendations are to stay at home, know that by staying active, you will be keeping your immunity high, as well as your healthy mind. So, let’s stick with our plans, and don’t let ourselves be shaken by these difficulties. We are stronger than that.

More information about our training plans, access here.


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