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Training Aspects

Every subject that is relevant to sports science will be discussed in the category of training aspects. By following these readings, the athlete will be able to better absorb our training plans as well as our beliefs about the science of sport and all that surrounds it.

Metodologia de Treino de Corrida

Metodologia do Treino de Corrida

Metodologia do Treino de Corrida Fazendo uma analogia com as zonas de treinamento de corrida, o objetivo deste post é identificar quantas variações de velocidade precisamos ter em nosso treinamento. E, sobretudo, quando devemos fazer uso dessas variações dentro do contexto dessas zonas de corrida. Joel de Bem, Ironman Certified Coach e Especialista em Desempenho Humano Criando uma Analogia Imagine você dirigindo seu carro velho. Aquele com as marchas manuais.… Read More »Metodologia do Treino de Corrida

Polarized training feature

Polarized Training

Polarized Training After the explosion around the high-intensity interval training methodology (HIIT), now the focus is on the polarized training methodology.I will clarify the whole concept behind this methodology and how we can implement its characteristics for endurance training. And how your load distribution happens. I will show how this methodology fits into block training, as well as the behavior of its intensities inside the training session. Despite the fact… Read More »Polarized Training

Muscle fibers

Muscle Fibers vs Athlete Performance

Muscle Fibers VS Athlete Performance Before the subject of muscle fibers, first let’s take into account that the increase in training volume is unlikely to be possible, and that performance improvement can only be achieved by better training effectiveness, which comes to the more obvious conclusion that something different has to be done. Until this moment, the endurance training methodology is based on maximum oxygen consumption and on the metabolic… Read More »Muscle Fibers vs Athlete Performance

Gears (zones) to run

How many gears do you have to run?

Running Zones Taking an analogy with running training zones, the purpose of this post is to identify how many speed variations we need to have in our train. And above all, when should we make use of these variations within the context of these running zones. Joel de Bem, coach and founder of Commandos Legion Making an Analogy Imagine you driving your old car. The one with the manual gears.… Read More »How many gears do you have to run?