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Metodologia de Treino de Corrida

Metodologia do Treino de Corrida

Metodologia do Treino de Corrida Fazendo uma analogia com as zonas de treinamento de corrida, o objetivo deste post é identificar quantas variações de velocidade precisamos ter em nosso treinamento. E, sobretudo, quando devemos fazer uso dessas variações dentro do contexto dessas zonas de corrida. Joel de Bem, Ironman Certified Coach e Especialista em Desempenho Humano Criando uma Analogia Imagine você dirigindo seu carro velho. Aquele com as marchas manuais.… Read More »Metodologia do Treino de Corrida

Treinamento Polarizado Corrida

Treinamento Polarizado de Corrida

Como Planejar um Treino Polarizado de Corrida Após a explosão em torno da metodologia de treinamento intervalado de alta intensidade (HIIT), muitos ainda buscam condicionamento físico através do treinamento de ENDURANCE, com predomínio da capacidade aeróbia. Esses são treinos com característica de maior duração e menores intensidades. E dentre as diversas metodologias existentes, existe o conceito do TREINAMENTO POLARIZADO de corrida Vou esclarecer todo o conceito por trás dessa metodologia… Read More »Treinamento Polarizado de Corrida

behavior zones

Behavior Zones- Training Montage #05

Behavior Zones In the previous video, we were able to get an idea of a performance graph. But today we are going to understand how we manage to monitor fitness and fatigue indices. And in this way, ensure that we are well conditioned and rested for our competition. Just the fact that we can do a complete analysis of an athlete’s entire season through a single graph is really a… Read More »Behavior Zones- Training Montage #05

perfrormance graphic

Performance Graphic – Training Montage #04

Performance Graphic We have already talked about the principle of adaptation to training loads;Training based on stress levels;How much charge do we need to accumulate for certain competitions;And how long should we consider our preparation to be ready to compete. Now let’s know how to make sure that we get there in the best possible conditions.This is only possible thanks to parameters developed by Joe Friel and Trainingpeaks.The so-called performance… Read More »Performance Graphic – Training Montage #04

stress-based macrocycle

Stress-based Macrocycle – Training Montage #03

Stress-based Macrocycle How does a GRAPHIC of a STRESS-based planning look like? If every athlete followed a gradual preparation taking into account the short distance competitions first, our body ends up having more time to adapt to the progression of loads. And when this is done, our ability to tolerate the weekly stress level of train ends up becoming much more acceptable by the body. Now, as you become an athlete, you… Read More »Stress-based Macrocycle – Training Montage #03

Stress levels

Stress Levels – Training Montage #02

Stress Levels How do we know if the athlete is fit for his competition? Extremely complex question. But this answer has to do with the way in which it manages to “measure” the athlete’s physical conditioning. And when we talk about metrics, it’s almost an obligation to refer to Joe Friel and the Trainingpeaks software. Because it will only be through stress levels, related to other metrics only available through this… Read More »Stress Levels – Training Montage #02

s.a.i.d. principle

Said Principle – Training Montage #01

S.A.I.D Principle The SAID principle says that our body evolves through Specific Adaptations by Imposed Demands. It means that if we know how much stress our body needs to evolve, we will know how to reach our maximum potential Making us stronger, faster and UNSTOPPABLE. Joel de Bem, coach and founder of Commandos Legion

Nutrition: the fourth discipline

Nutrition Plan for Ironman Event

Nutrition Plan In each ironman event, the importance of having a pre-planned nutrition plan is becoming more and more evident. There are several examples in which we witness elite triathletes reporting that they were in the best physical capacities of their lives, but that even so, they could not even complete a race. And fatally, in the vast majority of cases, the problem is always the lack of a nutrition… Read More »Nutrition Plan for Ironman Event

week 01 stats

Ironman Journey (week#01)

Ironman Journey (Week 01-15) This will be the first post in a series of 15 where I will show you the step by step of my preparation for Ironman Brazil 2020. Each post will be a summary of 01 microcycle of the training plan that makes up a total of 15 weeks (full cycle ).I will explain in detail all the sensations of each phase of this journey. Joel de… Read More »Ironman Journey (week#01)

triathlon training & Covid-19

Alternatives to Triathlon Training Options due to Covid-19

Alternative triathlon training options due to Covid-19 Triathlon training in difficult times like the one we live in because of Covid-19, is making several triathletes look for alternatives to live with this pandemic. Unlike other sports, triathlon requires a lot of space, as well as different environments to practice it, such as: swimming pools, beaches, gym, roads and race tracks. And all of that had to be closed due to… Read More »Alternatives to Triathlon Training Options due to Covid-19

swim drills

Swim drills

Swim Drills For a better understanding of the swim drills that we provide in our training plans on the training peaks platform, here you can view all the exercises in the best possible way. The swim drills were performed by professional swimmer Leonardo Schilling. Joel de Bem, coach and founder of Commandos Legion In this video, we present the swim drills that can be done without the use of equipment.… Read More »Swim drills

Polarized training feature

Polarized Training

Polarized Training After the explosion around the high-intensity interval training methodology (HIIT), now the focus is on the polarized training methodology.I will clarify the whole concept behind this methodology and how we can implement its characteristics for endurance training. And how your load distribution happens. I will show how this methodology fits into block training, as well as the behavior of its intensities inside the training session. Despite the fact… Read More »Polarized Training

training zones sign

Training Zones

Training Zones In today’s internet, after one performs a simple search, will find dozens of defining formulas for different training zones. However, in order for one to be successful in humans’ evolution, due weight must be given to these calculations to understand once and for all what the role of these zones are and how they will impact training. As a coach, In addition to this information, I will show… Read More »Training Zones

Tesla project icon

TESLA Project

Tesla Project The Tesla project is named after the great scientist Nicola Tesla.Among his incredible contributions to the world, Tesla had a huge pursuit of numbers 3, 6 and 9.He considered that these numbers represented the vector of the third to fourth dimension. And that was the key to infinite energy.And as energy, that’s what we need to complete an Ironman, this will be one of my goals in this… Read More »TESLA Project

Muscle fibers

Muscle Fibers vs Athlete Performance

Muscle Fibers VS Athlete Performance Before the subject of muscle fibers, first let’s take into account that the increase in training volume is unlikely to be possible, and that performance improvement can only be achieved by better training effectiveness, which comes to the more obvious conclusion that something different has to be done. Until this moment, the endurance training methodology is based on maximum oxygen consumption and on the metabolic… Read More »Muscle Fibers vs Athlete Performance

Gears (zones) to run

How many gears do you have to run?

Running Zones Taking an analogy with running training zones, the purpose of this post is to identify how many speed variations we need to have in our train. And above all, when should we make use of these variations within the context of these running zones. Joel de Bem, coach and founder of Commandos Legion Making an Analogy Imagine you driving your old car. The one with the manual gears.… Read More »How many gears do you have to run?

Advanced metrics for training peaks

Advanced Metrics

Advanced Metrics Following again the concepts of my mentor Joe Friel, we evolved into the advanced metrics. Like all science, everything measured can be compared. Therefore, the more metrics we use, the greater the chances of observing improvement in athlete performance. “It would be far better to measure progress rather than to accept progress on blind faith”.  Joe Friel Joel de Bem, coach and founder of Commandos Legion Input-Output measures… Read More »Advanced Metrics

Performance management chart

Performance Management Chart

Performance Management Chart (PMC) The Performance Management  Chart (PMC) will help the athlete monitor fitness and fatigue, and ensure that fitness and recovery have been sufficient to reach their goal for a particular competition. Joel de Bem, coach and founder of Commandos Legion Parameter Form (TSB) The focus now, will be the yellow line. Because this line determines the shape (TSB) of the athlete. In addition, this line is the… Read More »Performance Management Chart

training stress

Training Stress Score

Training Stress Score This may be the best definition of an athlete’s training load today. Through this parameter, called TSS (Training Stress Score), we can represent, through a single value, the relationship between the athlete and his workload.It would be the best alternative to quantify the relationship between the 03 main training variables: frequency, duration and intensity.And for any coach, that means “gold.” Because this way, the coach will have full… Read More »Training Stress Score

Fitness (CTL): the metric

How to Determine an Athlete’s Fitness Level

How to Determine the “CURRENT” State of an Athlete’s Fitness Level? When we begin to train an individual, the first question every coach asks is: what is your fitness level? Perhaps this may sound like a silly question, but if we stop to think about it, we will see that the answer is not so obvious to what we imagine.   Have you ever wondered how we determined an athlete’s fitness… Read More »How to Determine an Athlete’s Fitness Level

training intensity

Intensity in Training and its Measures

How to measure the intensity of training? According to our previous article, we tried to get an idea about the 03 variables in which a coach should be sustained in organizing a training. Further, we talk about the importance of training frequency, as well as duration, and lastly about the intensity that will be our focus.Therefore our main question here is: How can we measure our intensity and how can… Read More »Intensity in Training and its Measures

MS athlete finishing Ironman

Multiple Sclerosis Triathlete

Fernando Champomier, was diagnoses with Multiple Sclerosis 17 years ago, finishes Ironman Brazil in 9:59:04. Born in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, Fernando Champomier discovered multiple sclerosis when he was about to climb on the podium of his first triathlon, 17 years ago.Suddenly, his legs locked, and he just could not move. He went to the doctor and then the results of the tests accused him of 12 spots on his… Read More »Multiple Sclerosis Triathlete

sculpture shaping himself

Training Variables

What are the training variables and how do we know if our training is being effective? That sport is contagious we all know. That the human being is a highly competitive being is also not new. But this degree of importance that some give to the training varies greatly among athletes.But anyway, everyone should agree on one point: people who seek to improve their times in competitions, know that they… Read More »Training Variables