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Coach Joel de Bem, is an expert in human performance with an exclusive online training methodology for endurance athletes.

Coach's Credentials

Coach's Philosophy

No, i’m not a personal trainer. I work with my clients 07 day per week. I’ll be at your disposal, anytime you need me. Imagine an architect creating a plan. Now imagine an engineer, implementing the architect’s project. I am the junction of these two concepts. But otherwise. Related to your body. I’m a specialist in human performance. I build your body. And like an engineer, i sara from the inside out. How to correct imbalances? How to make it more durable and strong? I’m responsible for every muscle fiber… And every thought related to your potential that you entrusted me. I’m the person who will break every paradigm of training that you ever know. If that’s necessary. My method it’s not a copy. But what i can guarantee, it’s that i know how to take… what you don’t even know you have. I can prove to you, that when you think you have reached your limit… We are just starting to work. On my train, the hours that counts, Are the ones that really challenge you. At the end, it’s not the result the counts. But the journey you’ve crossed until the end. And that’s the best definition of my work. My name is Joel… Founder of Commandos… IRONMAN® certified coach… Join the legion.

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