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Methodology System

The commandos methodology system has been thought for more than a decade. And now, after years of studies and experiments with our athletes around the world, we are offering this method that will enhance every physical capacity to the extreme, without compromising your body and much less your time.



For us, it's not just business.
It's all personal.

The Principle

Commandos methodology system- volume

Rotation format

In our Commandos Methodology System , each block follows one goal for each modality.
Therefore, each physical capacity can be harnessed to its maximum without compromising its performance.
Because the proposal of a planning in which volume as well as intensity of training, follow a sort of rotation between disciplines (swimming, cycling and running), which will cause the body to absorb each of the different stimulus for each block of that system.

The Division

volume graphics advanced plans
Sprint distance
8,5 hours/week - 611 TSS Avg 74%
Olympic distance
10,8 hours/week - 748 TSS Average 81%
Ironman® 70.3 distance
13,5 hours/week - 948 TSS Average 95%
Ironman® 140.6 distance
14,2 hours/week - 1001 TSS Average 100%

Three Blocks

First Block: Stabilizer

Second Block: Power

Third Block: Executor

periodization plan
The First Block
commandos methodology system:block 1 logo
commandos methodology system: block 1
commandos methodology system: crosstraining 1
The Second Block
commandos methodology system: block 2 logo
commandos methodology system: block2
commandos methodology system: crosstraining2
The Third Block
commandos methodology system: block 3
commandos methodology system:block 3
commandos methodology system:crosstraining3
Block package
blocks logo training plans

You can directly choose one of our training blocks here.

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