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Online training plans for endurance athletes.


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about Our coach.

Our commander coach Joel, has six years of studies since his bachelor’s degree in physical education, So, he continued to go further on your studies, finishing his specialization in sports training. Meanwhile, he has published numerous articles on psychological training in sports and sports training.  Therefore,  with a sporting baggage started in professional sports at a professional level, his training as a coach climbed more and more complex floors. His entry into the triathlon was above all the final step so he could exercise his complete training philosophy on mind over muscle theory. His athletes identify with him by the insatiable stance of never being satisfied with his performance. Moreover, coach Joel is also in demand and highly respect for his motivational speaking engagements. Read more…


Our focus.

Entrepreneurs with limited time of training, but who find in sport their valve of escape.
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Our IRONMAN certified coach Joel de Bem, brings the proposal of sharing training plans in: english, español e português.

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Training Metrics

People who seek to improve their conditioning, need to know that they are training correctly.

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To make sure you're on the right track, you will need the RIGHT COACH and the PERFECT TOOL: Training Peaks

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Setting Goals

Our coach is always looking for the best strategy for you to reach your goal at the right time through your training.


Our Athletes

We have athletes in more than 15 countries around the world.
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IronmanU Testimonial

Testimonial Ironman U

“Joel is an absolute machine who runs a succesfull club and continues to publish many great articles on sport psychology. If you have any athletes competing in Brazil and have some questions, Joel is a great contact..”


Consider Coach of the Month on february, 8th 2018
by Ironman University


Why Select our Coach ?



Bachelor’s degree and specialization on Sports training to emphasize what make our coach a scholar of sports science. 


By connecting your Trainingpeaks account with our coach, you can be sure that we will be attentive withotu a doubt to every detail of your training.

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We accept
a challenge

We taught you with attention, that mental limits were made to be broken.

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Member of the IRONMAN Coaches Association – Community of Resistance Sports Coaches with exclusive access to participation in international forums, webnaries with experts and exclusive coaching clinics.

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Be a part of our
Commandos Legion

To be physically ready for a race is one thing. But, equally important to that, is to  part of this natural selection of resillient people in direct contact with each other, sharing experiences and achievements


Joel de Bem is one of the only IRONMAN Certified Coach in Latin America with extensive expertise in online training.

Browse your event, and find out when to start your training

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