Ironman Journey (week#01)

Ironman Journey (Week 01-15)

This will be the first post in a series of 15 where I will show you the step by step of my preparation for Ironman Brazil 2020. Each post will be a summary of 01 microcycle of the training plan that makes up a total of 15 weeks (full cycle ).
I will explain in detail all the sensations of each phase of this journey.

Complete Macrocycle until the Ironman

   First of all, if you are not familiar with this chart, access the learning category on our blog, to learn more about it.  My intention, was to start my preparation in a progression of 3 cycles of 15 weeks. However, events due to the pandemic ended up severely restricting my routine.

  So, looking at the charts above, which are the average of my last 3 months of preparation, I had an average of 4h07min of training per week, which also gives an average of a measly 294 TSS per week. This gave me a fitness of 49 to start my preparation.

Microcycle #01

First week we can already notice my intention with each modality. For more information about this methodology, access here.
But basically, in swimming, we will have short but intense sessions. Unlike cycling where I will achieve high levels of training volume thus creating my aerobic base. And on the run, I will explore small accelerations associated with neuromuscular aspects of training. Because I want to have an excellent technique when starting the second block. Where the long, continuous sessions will be taking place.

Success in the first week!

I managed not only to reach the goal of the weekly volume of training, but I ended up overtaking a little by finishing in 10h35min.
I felt great all week. Perhaps because he is also motivated by the beginning.

These are the statistics for my week. A big change in front of what I was doing. But a good start. I will definitely be accumulating more fatigue from the second week, where I will be back with more information.

I will be updating my instagram with videos from some sessions. A big hug to all and until the next post.

Recalling that this planning is available here on the website both in the version for intermediate athletes with availability of 04 weekly training sessions, as well as for advanced athletes with training sessions between 06 to 07 days a week.


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