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Stress levels

behavior zones

Behavior Zones- Training Montage #05

Behavior Zones In the previous video, we were able to get an idea of a performance graph. But today we are going to understand how we manage to monitor fitness and fatigue indices. And in this way, ensure that we are well conditioned and rested for our competition. Just the fact that we can do a complete analysis of an athlete’s entire season through a single graph is really a… Read More »Behavior Zones- Training Montage #05

perfrormance graphic

Performance Graphic – Training Montage #04

Performance Graphic We have already talked about the principle of adaptation to training loads;Training based on stress levels;How much charge do we need to accumulate for certain competitions;And how long should we consider our preparation to be ready to compete. Now let’s know how to make sure that we get there in the best possible conditions.This is only possible thanks to parameters developed by Joe Friel and Trainingpeaks.The so-called performance… Read More »Performance Graphic – Training Montage #04

stress-based macrocycle

Stress-based Macrocycle – Training Montage #03

Stress-based Macrocycle How does a GRAPHIC of a STRESS-based planning look like? If every athlete followed a gradual preparation taking into account the short distance competitions first, our body ends up having more time to adapt to the progression of loads. And when this is done, our ability to tolerate the weekly stress level of train ends up becoming much more acceptable by the body. Now, as you become an athlete, you… Read More »Stress-based Macrocycle – Training Montage #03

Stress levels

Stress Levels – Training Montage #02

Stress Levels How do we know if the athlete is fit for his competition? Extremely complex question. But this answer has to do with the way in which it manages to “measure” the athlete’s physical conditioning. And when we talk about metrics, it’s almost an obligation to refer to Joe Friel and the Trainingpeaks software. Because it will only be through stress levels, related to other metrics only available through this… Read More »Stress Levels – Training Montage #02