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Ironman Training plans

The Commandos methodology system, provided by the Ironman Certified Coach Joel de Bem, offers ideal training plans for you. Especially, according to your need and time above all.

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If you're looking for an Ironman training plan, you've come to the right place.

The first step was taken. Looking for a performance specialist already makes you a differentiated athlete.
This means having the discipline and commitment to seek better results.
I’m sure that in addition to looking for the ideal training plan, you want and deserve to understand a little about its process.
And going even further.  I’m sure you want to be matched and monitored for all the effort and dedication you’re ready to put into this preparation.

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Coach Support

Through our youtube channel, we have special playlists containing videos related to our training sessions, as well as detailed explanations of our methodology. In addition to all my training plans being structured (including swimming sessions), within the more complex sessions you will have exclusive videos about any and all doubts you may have regarding any training. And, the moment you purchase our training plan, coach Joel de Bem will be ready to talk to you directly through any means of communication that you are willing to:

Choosing one of our training plans, you can click here to connect your Training Peaks account with ours. And you will be able to receive a complete analysis of your conditioning directly with our Ironman Certified Coach.

Multi-Language Coach

If you think it’s important to have your training plan in your language, imagine having the peace of mind to exchange messages, as well as being able to talk to your coach in your native language. Coach Joel de Bem is fluent in these 03 languages:

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Race Schedule

Within Trainingpeaks, it is possible to create your annual training plan, allowing the athlete to add several competitions.
And for you to have the best experience, I propose to help you with these adjustments.
This can be done already in our first conversation.

Wearable Technology

We can help you sync your equipment, from your GPS watch to your indoor trainer with platforms like zwift, where our training sessions are automatically synced. You will have access to all sessions (both cycling and running) in virtual reality if you have an account on this platform.

Do you want to learn more about how we take the best data from your training?

Within the coach social media channel, we created a series of videos in which can be demonstrate through animations, all the phases and characteristics of coach´s training methodology.

Our Athletes

We have athletes in more than 15 countries around the world.

Competitive Training Plans


The Coach of Coaches Testimonial

coach of coaches Joe Friel and Joel de Bem

“Joel attended one of my seminars, and i got to know him. He is an accomplished master coach with a strong background in the science of sport. I highly recommend him.”

Joe Friel

Coach of Coaches, Co Founder of Training Peaks
Author of the best seller: "Triathlete's Training Bible"

Already have an account on the TrainingPeaks platform? Connect to our coach's account and ask for a coaching advice.

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Through this option, all your training history can be accompanied and analyzed by coach Joel de Bem.
Besides being a great opportunity to create a link with our work. Consequently after this connection, send a message to us about what you are looking for in your training and how we can help you.


ELITE training Plan

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This recurring payment option of $ 96.00 a month gives you all the conditions to have our Ironman Certified Coach Joel de Bem at your disposal.

For more information about this plan,

contact us directly here to speak with our coach.

Mutli-Language options:

Before opting for our ELITE version, learn a little more about how we work.


Free Trial

Free trial training plans

Try our Training Peaks training plans for free.
Just follow the instructions about the 100% discount coupon in our free plans store. Through this option, you will not only be able to understand the methodology behind our planning, but also to feel in your own body the different training sessions planned in a unique way.

Mutli-Language options: